Hi! I’m Violet, I am a Master of Architecture Student in the SKN Atelier, whilst also working in practice one day a week. I am new to Manchester and am loving living in a city.

I am an artist at heart, who uses painting to relax. I see architecture as another form of artwork, with people at the centre. I am passionate about sustainability and making a change on the world. I love finding unique bargains, vintage shopping in my spare time.

I’ve been lucky to have had experience working on a Social Value project, mapping the social value of a town in Reading to make a change for the community based on their needs and wants. The artists of St. Helens are so interesting and diverse in their skills and interests, that they truly deserve a space where their creativity can prosper. I am excited to help them create the studio space that they truly need.
Posted 12 Mar 2023 18:34