Name: Natasha Ganotaki
MSA Live Role: Secretary 2, Point-of-Contact
Workshop Coordinator: Site Analysis, Diagramming and Presentation
Undergraduate: Manchester School of Architecture
Atelier: Continuity in Architecture
Arch Skills: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup, Revit, AutoCAD, V-Ray
Country: Greece
Hobbies: Drawing, Windsurfing, Big movie and music buff
Posted 13 Mar 2023 01:18
Name: Sharifah Adani Syed Albakri
MSA Live Role: Secretary 1, Model-making Coordinator
Workshop Coordinator: 3D rendering
Undergraduate: University Malaya, Malaysia
Atelier: Making
Arch Skills: Revit, Photoshop, InDesign, 3D Max, VRay, Enscape, Mircrosoft softwares
Country: Malaysia
Hobbies: Watching movies & painting
Posted 13 Mar 2023 01:18
Name: Femi Olateju
MSA Live Role: Editorial Designer
Workshop Co-Ordinator: Photoshop and Collage
Undergraduate: University of Portsmouth
Atelier: Flux
Arch Skills: Photoshop, Revitalise, Sketchup, Microsoft softwares
Country: UK
Hobbies: Hand Drawing, Sports, Music
Posted 13 Mar 2023 01:19
Name: Francesca Sordi
MSA Live Role: Creative Director
Workshop Co-Ordinator: 3D modelling
Undergraduate: Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Atelier: Continuity in Architecture
Arch Skills: AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft softwares, Grasshopper
Country: Italy
Hobbies: Reading, Travelling, Riding Horses
Posted 13 Mar 2023 01:19
The first week of Action Week will focus on a variety of outputs, which will contribute to the final publication, namely site analysis research and design development of the existing building. A site visit to Marple will help inform students' understanding of the context, which will be integrated into their design. Optional workshops centered around 2D and 3D software will be provided, in order to guide students in the right direction of the desired design outputs.
Preparation and assembly for the final physical model are the key components of this week and will be achieved and completed through various stages: AutoCAD prep (for lasercutting) and assembly. The 1:200 physical model, will be at a workable scale and sufficiently flexible, so that you will have the opportunity to play with the interiors and explore the ideologies connected parasitic architecture.
Posted 17 Mar 2023 19:13
The second week will focus primarily on consolidating the final chosen design and visually expressing these through 2D drawings and 3D renderings, for which we will be more than happy to help guide you and give you software tips. The workshops from the first week will also be helpful for giving you a headstart on software you may not be the most familiar with. Finally, all the outputs completed in the first and second week will be collated into the final publication.
Posted 17 Mar 2023 19:18
The site is Marple's very own swimming baths, which was opened in 1931 and is located along Stockport Road's high street. Now, an out of use building, the swimming baths served a vital community aspect, and invokes fond memories in its residents, who had gone their as children and had taken their own children swimming there years later. The aim of the project is to restore the nostalgia bought upon by the building.
Posted 17 Mar 2023 20:17