Output: According to the collaborator's proposal, the team will present the final output with a set of drawings and visualizations, supplemented by on-site construction of simple facilities such as wicker dens as the practice of the strategy. The drawings will include a detailed design strategy and master plan.
Benefit: You will be able to choose one group you are interested in in the parts of 2d drawing, 3d modelling, physical model making and hands-on construction to explore how to apply the corresponding knowledge and skills in practice. Through the cooperation of the whole group, you will be able to gain a better understanding of how these parts affect each other in the whole workflow and adjust accordingly to get the final satisfactory result.
Software: We'll cover the many benefits and tips of the software to increase your efficiency.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 20:10
Our project will create an exploratory space at the border section of Moston Brook and Lower Memorial Park, a safe place for children from the community and nearby schools to take risks to explore nature. The enhanced visual connection between the woodland and the park will attract nearby residents, especially families, to engage in the green space together to enjoy nature and observe wildlife. More complete introductions of wildlife will enhance the fun for tourists during their self-led walking, letting them be familiar with the wild animals they might come across by using rich forms.
At the same time, the overall route of the park will also be improved. Accessibility to this park will be much easier for nearby residents, and the road improvements will attract more visitors to explore the further afield of the park.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 20:11