Hanis Nabihah Binti R

Group 27

| Site visit to Harwes Farm |

Harwes Farm is a 57-acre farm established under Community Interest Company (CIC) located in Colne. It houses animals like chickens, sheep, and rams, and offers various projects and activities that are open to everyone. The farm is run by Gill Taylor, who is a Farmer and Youth Worker. She organizes different activities, such as night-walks, camping, allotment space, pop-up cinema, and Forest School, to promote well-being and confidence among people. Gill's aim is to reconnect people with nature through her initiatives.
Posted 11 Mar 2023 17:04
| Site visit to Harwes Farm |

The site is a sloping woodland in need of a multi-functional outdoor space that can host a variety of activities, including dance, theater, and other forms of art. The proposed space will cater to individuals of all ages and abilities, ensuring that it is accessible to everyone.

Don't forget to bring your wellies !
Posted 11 Mar 2023 17:05
| DAY 01 |
Let the action begin! We kicked off our action week with a bang by introducing the project goals and plans for the upcoming weeks. It was the perfect time to welcome our new members and get everyone up to speed on what we needed to achieve. We started things off with a fun and engaging ice-breaking session that helped us get to know each other better and build a strong sense of teamwork.
The action week plans were laid out, and we were excited to dive into the tasks and milestones that would get us closer to our project goals.

It was an exciting start to our action week, and we couldn't wait to see what we could accomplish together as one big team!
Posted 10 May 2023 00:52
| DAY 01 |
We ventured out to two outdoor spaces in Castlefield to seek inspiration and precedents for our project; Castlefield Bowl and Castlefield Viaduct
It was a refreshing change of pace, and it gave us the opportunity to see firsthand how different outdoor spaces are designed, utilized and repurposed.
And with that, we wrapped up an exciting and productive Day 1!
Posted 10 May 2023 01:08
Posted 10 May 2023 11:02
We also set up a Miro board for everyone to collate ideas and outputs for each day.
Posted 10 May 2023 11:25
| DAY 02 |
As we prepare for an upcoming site visit, our team has diligently conducted a preliminary site analysis and research. Our objective was to gain a thorough understanding of the site's condition and any challenges that may arise when dealing with its structures.
Leveraging the diverse skillsets within our team, the MArch and MLA students collaborated to create a topography model of the site. Simultaneously, the BAs worked on a desktop analysis of the site, ensuring that we have a comprehensive view of its unique characteristics. Through our collaborative efforts, we were able to obtain a holistic perspective of the site, allowing us to make informed decisions and take calculated next steps.
We're excited to bring this level of detail to our site visit and to witness firsthand how our analysis will translate on-site!
Posted 10 May 2023 20:49