Louis and Paula took control over the neglected former miners wash house in 2012 and have spent the last 10 years transforming the building into the vibrant community hub that it is today. Louis and Paula took over the building which had no water or electricity and have since, with the help of friends and volunteers, revitalised it. They run the organisation along with 8 volunteers who manage the café, events, and weekly clubs they host. As the organisation expands, they require outdoor decking which we are looking to design.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 13:47
NAME: Doga Esen

ATELIER: &architecture

UNDERGRADUATE: Sheffield Hallam University

EXPERIENCE: Short internships with BDP and ARUP

SKILLS: Revit, Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AutoCad, and Enscape

ARCHITECTURAL INTERESTS: Community Design, Residential

OUTSIDE INTERESTS: Volleyball, Swimming, Pottery and Ceramics

FUN FACT: I have a twin sister
Posted 13 Mar 2023 14:37
Day One – MSA LIVE

Today Year 5’s introduced the brief and explained the outcomes of the action plan for the next two weeks to BA and MLA students. We divided all the students into three groups to work on site analysis and look at precedents to find a style for our design.
Posted 9 May 2023 11:55
DAY TWO- Morning

The second day began with students dividing into three groups to do a site analysis of the Miners Community Arts and Music Centre in preparation for our visit tomorrow. Group one focused on the demographics of Moston. Group two researched the Minors Community Centre's history and created a timeline. The last group conducted a SWOT analysis to determine the relationship between our site and its surroundings.
Posted 10 May 2023 15:24
Day Nine- Finalising Physical Model

The 9th day was spent finishing the physical model with a group of students, while the remaining students produced construction drawings for the decking. The final model is now finished and ready to be given over to our client.
Posted 19 May 2023 14:49