Name: Yifan Si
Atelier: Flux
Undergraduate University: Jilin Jianzhu University
Hometown: Jiangsu, China
Software Skill: Rhino,Maya, Auto CAD, Photoshop, Indesign,Keyshot
Posted 21 Mar 2023 22:05
On day 4, we started making the final decisions based on our design process discussions and work, as well as our site analysis and considerations for the client’s needs. We split up into two groups, where one group worked on the digital model and another group worked on the physical model. Our design decisions were starting to be implemented in both digital and physical form.
Posted 13 May 2023 02:02
This day marked the end of the first week of MSA live and we were able to make a lot of progress in terms of producing the necessary outputs for the exhibition event that is going to take place by the end of week 2. From day 4 onwards, it was mostly a matter of execution and implementation.
Posted 13 May 2023 02:03