Name: James Rule
Atelier: Making
Undergraduate University: University of Liverpool
Hometown: Falmouth, United Kingdom
Software Skill: Rhino, Grasshopper, Auto CAD, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator
Posted 21 Mar 2023 22:31
The Cup of hope project is located in an old building in Levenshulme, Manchester. The building is furnished with old furniture and is quite cramped. A new design for these spaces is something that is needed.
Posted 22 Mar 2023 11:49
Day one we met the new students and introduced them to the project. to start the MSA Live design project the students had a look precedents discover what they thought a coffee shop should look like
Posted 9 May 2023 22:59
In the afternoon we went down to the church and listened to a presentation by Pastor Ester about what the charity does and the expectations of the coffee shop.
Posted 9 May 2023 23:01
As a part of group 22's social out reach we plan to host an event that aims to increase the amount of people that are aware of the coffee shop . This event will show case all the work that the students have produced for The highway of hope.
Posted 9 May 2023 23:04