09.05.23 - DAY 1: On the first day, we met up in the Geoffrey Manton building and we introduced the project to the BA Students that have just joined our team! After the presentation, everybody introduced themselves and we discussed whether people wanted to be in the InDesign or SketchUp team. We finalised the roles so that everybody knew what they were doing and we answered any questions that they had. It was an enjoyable morning getting to know the team. After lunch, we all headed towards the site and met up with Dave and Judy, who talked a little bit more about the project and their vision for the place. They proceeded to give us a tour of the entire building, which gave the BA students to see the spaces they will be designing. We stayed in Eccles for around 2 hours before we headed back home. Overall, it was a productive and enjoyable day.
Posted 10 May 2023 02:37
15.05.23 - DAY 5: After a successful and productive Week 1, we continued to follow the action plan and aimed to finish furnishing the 3D model and working on the visuals to present to the collaborators. So far, we have made lots of progress and we are on schedule to present to the community on Wednesday the 17th! We finalised some moodboards too that we will add to our presentation to show our design process to the collaborators.
Posted 16 May 2023 23:32
16.05.23 - DAY 6: Today was all about drafting Enscape visuals and post production. We had already started to put our presentation together last week but it's looking so much better now that we have some renders to add. Tomorrow is a big day, so we will all meet up in the morning and finish the presentation and renders, as well as the walkthrough. Today was really helpful in getting that head start, the team is working very well together and everybody is getting along.
Posted 16 May 2023 23:41