We are HAVENSCAPE CASTLE – a student-led team working in collaboration with The Castle Community Centre, which is run by Patricroft Community Group (CIC) in Eccles.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 14:29
17.05.23 - DAY 7: Today was the day of presenting our project to the community. It was a very successful day, we answered questions from the children and we received lots of good feedback from everybody including the staff and the collaborators. After the presentation, we went upstairs and had a meeting with the collaborators to discuss any changes they'd like. Tomorrow we will focus on the changes along with preparing for the final submission.
Posted 18 May 2023 17:08
19.05.23 - Day 9: Today was mostly about finishing all the work and submitting it on moodle. we revised the rendering of the basement, publication, and any other work that needed to be submitted. Then we had our final photoshoot in the afternoon. All the work was done today, the team worked very well together, perfect last day!
Posted 19 May 2023 15:21