07.12.22 - First meeting with the collaborators at MTC.
Posted 4 Mar 2023 12:07
01.02.23 - First visit at 'The Castle' Community Centre in Eccles. Dave and Alicia gave us a tour around each space of the building in order to see how the different community activities take place. Most importantly, it enabled us to understand the existing issues that they are looking to tackle and improve with the building's refurbishment and regeneration.
Posted 4 Mar 2023 12:18
28.02.23 - Catch up Zoom meeting with Dave and Alicia. A great discussion about our poster development and a brainstorming session for potential group names.
Posted 11 Mar 2023 18:28
07.03.23 - Poster Development Meeting
Posted 9 May 2023 10:50
25.03.23 - Our second visit at The Castle Community Centre for their Biodiversity and Green Space Workshop. A brainstorming session with children and adults of the community about what they want to see as part of the green spaces at The Castle.
Posted 9 May 2023 10:52
03.05.23 - Zoom meeting with Dave and Alicia. Discussions about our action plan, site visits and finalising the project outputs.
Posted 9 May 2023 10:55
10.05.23 - DAY 2: We started off the day with a group meeting at MTC in order to divide the students in their preferred groups: Model Design Group and Indesign Group. Once the groups were established, they students were split in order to plan out what the tasks, assign roles, and start developing the existing building model, and poster concept ideas. The two groups began their group work and we used the rest of the day to continue working on the development of these outputs.
Posted 10 May 2023 22:03
12.05.23 - DAY 4: The first action week ended on a really productive note. Everything went according to plan as we managed to finish both the 3D digital model of the existing building, and the poster for next week's community presentation. The poster was sent to the collaborators in the afternoon and will be printed and put up at The Castle prior to the event next week.
Posted 12 May 2023 18:12
12.05.23 - DAY 4: Poster Development
Posted 12 May 2023 18:13
12.05.23 - DAY 4: Community Presentation Event Poster
Posted 12 May 2023 20:39