Muhammad Najib Bin R

Group 08

Name - Muhammad Najib Bin Rossaidi

Role - Welfare and Wellbeing

Undergraduate - Universiti Teknologi MARA, Kota Samarahan, Malaysia

Course - Master in Architecture

Atelier - CPU [Ai]

Expertise - ACad, Rhino, Revit, Enscape & Photoshop.

Discovering Jibby :
Hey, I'm Jibby! I grew up in Malaysia and currently enjoy exploring my life in Manchester. I have done my Part 1 in Universiti Teknologi Mara and spent 2 years in a small practice in Malaysia. I like to keep a positive vibe throughout my day. I am also active and enjoy doing club activities and during my free time, I go dancing and swimming.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 19:07
Final Day

#EmpoweringEllesmere #Gr8

The final day is heree where we are presenting our proposal for Empowering Ellesmere to our Collaborator and also having Potluck with team members. Yeayy!
Posted 19 May 2023 18:41
Group Picture

#EmpoweringEllesmere #Gr8

It's picture timee! A collage of our group pictures through out the action weeks.
Posted 19 May 2023 18:43
Throwback Week 1

#EmpoweringEllesmere #Gr8

Let's do some throwback of what we have done during these two weeks cause MSA Live has finally comes to the end. Here Weee gooo!!
Posted 19 May 2023 18:47
Throwback Week 1

#EmpoweringEllesmere #Gr8

Site Visit to Ellesmere Yard has been one of the best things happened during the first week of action week! We all had a great time there.
Posted 19 May 2023 18:49
Throwback Week 2

#EmpoweringEllesmere #Gr8

Discussing and Finalising the design development and also outcomes for our Publication during the second week as we are close to the final presentation.
Posted 19 May 2023 18:52
Throwback Week 2

#EmpoweringEllesmere #Gr8

Some of our team members presenting their works and ideas to the collaborator and guess what, they like the ideas of our proposal! Yeaayy :) that's the end of our 2weeks of MSA Live.
Posted 19 May 2023 18:54