Mastura Raiha Binti R

Group 07

Name: Mastura Raiha binti Ramlan
Role: Creative Director
Course: Master in Architecture
Atelier: MAKING
Specialties: Program planning, Budgeting & Video Editing. Skilled in ACad, Skp, Enscape, Revit, Vectorwork, Photoshop, Indesign.
Personal Intro: Hey there! I love to travel. Visiting and knowing all parts of the world is what I truly live for. I believe experience comes with growth, doesn't matter if it’s a good or bad experience, we still grow from it. Architecture has truly taught me a lot of life lessons and as I dive deeper I realised that Architecture is actually a form of designing life too. Can't wait to work on this project with everyone soon!
Posted 13 Mar 2023 14:59
Day 01 - Laser Cutting + Site Model Assembly

Model making with the team!

The day continued with a site model assembling activity with pre-cut laser pieces prepared by the 5th year students prior to the action week . The 5th year students also briefly presented the site to the BA Students, who have yet to visit Tyldesley, in order to aid their understanding of the site and its constraints.

A laser cutting tutorial were conducted by the 5th years to the BA students for better understandings of file prepping for model making.
Posted 9 May 2023 16:35
Day 02 - Final Site Model

The Finished Model!

We will be using the model initially for the public consultation on Friday to help visualise each design proposal on site. During week 2, the model will continue to be used for the final design proposal, before being handed over to the collaborators.
Posted 10 May 2023 14:46
Day 02 - Individual Design Proposals

Wrapping up

The day ended with a show and tell session by the BA students, talking about their individual approaches and concepts for the site plan and mural proposals.

A photography session was also carried out before the group was dismissed.
Posted 10 May 2023 15:23
Day 03 - Modelling the 3D Site Elements

Visualising in three dimensional view!

The third day started with model making the potential Ponky’s Park design in a three dimensional view. Model making items such as boards, foam, cards & clay were provided for the students to present the ideas. Potential design outputs are looking good and ready for the Public consultation tomorrow in Tyldesley!
Posted 11 May 2023 15:45
Day 04- Setting up for the big day

The Tyldesley public consultation day has come!

The day started off with hall setting up for us to welcome the members of Tyldesley community. Tables, chairs, models, projector, drawing & refreshment area were arranged around the hall according to desired layout that ensures a smooth flow.
Posted 12 May 2023 23:17
Day 04- Drawing activity by the locals of Tyldesly

The lively spirit of Tyldesley!

The activity booth received warm engagements from the Tyldesley community. Many were critical of what they would like in Ponky's park, as the space has a lot of sentimental value. Numerous responses were collected on the engagement day, aiding the development of our design for Ponky's park.
Posted 15 May 2023 11:40
Day 09- Finishing touches!

Tweaking some bits and bobs!

The final day of action week started with finalising the outcomes of Group 7 MSA Live project. Blog, publication & physical model were completed to submitted later in the evening.
Posted 19 May 2023 13:30
Day 09- Collaborative critique session

Now it is Crit time!

Critical comments for each of the final outputs were voiced and fixed to ensure a complete and satisfied submission were handed in.
Posted 19 May 2023 13:31
Day 09 –Visualisation

The team produced a series of visualisations to illustrate the proposed final design of Ponky’s Park.
Posted 19 May 2023 13:34