Reemaz Hassan Mohamed B

Group 06

Name: Reemaz Bashir
Course: MA Architecture and Adaptive reuse
From: Sudan
Undergraduate: University of Khartoum
Skills: ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Lumion, Photoshop, Model Making
Interests: History and Culture, Sustainability and Environmentalism, Community Engagement, Travel, Photography
Posted 13 Mar 2023 18:35
We're so happy to introduce you to our collaborator Valley Heritage.

The non-profit organization was started in 2015 to keep Rossendale's history alive and get the word out about it. They are a community of volunteers dedicated to revitalizing their town through creative reuse of its old structures.
As the cost of restoration is expected to exceed its ultimate worth, they are counting on public funding to make the re-use and regeneration of historic sites in the valley possible. The goal is to devise a strategy for reclaiming and reusing these potentially hazardous structures and areas.
The objective of the organization is to have a lasting and positive impact on the community through the protection and improvement of local historical treasures, the provision of employment and educational opportunities, and the encouragement of civic engagement and growth. A concerted effort to include locals at every step of the process because they recognize the importance of having their input in historical preservation efforts.
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Posted 13 Mar 2023 20:43
Valley Heritage is looking into the possibility of transforming St. Saviours Church, a Grade II-listed church near Bacup's town center, into a hotel as part of an exciting new project. The goal of the project is to increase the number of available accommodations by incorporating the surrounding landscape through the installation of permanent, custom-designed pods. This will deliver high-quality, appealing accommodation that enhances the entire offer in this environmentally sensitive area.
The pictures show the interior of the church and the outside yard intended for development.
The concept utilised to design the proposal is that of modern insertion, meaning that the accommodation pods will be integrated into the landscape to match the historical relevance of the church. The project is anticipated to have a minimal carbon footprint, with the renovation aiming for net-zero emissions.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 20:43
Our first discussion meeting after the site visit was held in a co-working space for local independent businesspeople and entrepreneurs in Bacup's centre. The building known as the former Lancashire & Yorkshire Bank, reflects the organisation's main goal of community involvement in the place-making process. This is expressed in kids painting, furniture, and art pieces made by local artists that decorates the interior.

The St Saviour's Church project seeks to accomplish three main societal goals through the adaptive reuse of a significant historic resource:
- If a heritage asset is reused, it may serve a new role that helps the community while still maintaining its historical value.
- The goal of the project is to increase people's health, happiness, skill set, and economic potential by giving them a chance to participate in and shape the initiative.
- Long-term jobless and young people who are not in work, education, or training will be given priority in the project's efforts to create jobs. They'll be able to put their newfound skills to use in the hospitality sector thanks to the new jobs that will be created.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 20:44
When you join us on this project, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable skills such as:

- Teamwork and communication : essential skills in any industry, and are particularly important in the design and construction field where multiple stakeholders must work together to bring a project to completion. By working on a design project, students will learn how to effectively communicate with team members, collaborate on tasks, and navigate conflicts that arise during the project.

- Design development: it is a critical stage in the design process, and involves taking initial concepts and refining them into detailed plans that can be implemented. You will have the opportunity to gain experience in this important stage of the design process, including developing design concepts, considering materials and building codes, and creating detailed drawings and plans.

- RIBA Stage Two planning: it is an important phase in the construction process in the UK. You will learn how to create accurate and detailed drawings and plans that comply with building regulations and codes. This will prepare you for future roles in the industry where you may be responsible for overseeing this important stage of the construction process.

- Software programs such as Revit and AutoCAD: by joining this project, you will have the opportunity to gain experience using these programs to create accurate drawings and models that can be used in the construction process.

- V-Ray and Photoshop rendering skills: you will learn how to create renderings of the designs, which can be used to communicate design concepts to stakeholders and clients.
Posted 13 Mar 2023 20:45