Maria Gorreth TD

Group 26

Social Values:
Co-owned co-financed collective living flexible & sustainable accommodation owned by the community for eternity!

Our project will address the issues of post-covid living, offering a paradigm shift in how we realise city centre living. It's not about density - it's about community!

Create a more affordable, equitable and resilient property structure.
Digital equity through blockchain.

Great combined houses and highly flexible collective living. Enables people to live, work and play in flexible, multi-generational, evolving spaces; emphasises interaction, health, wellness.

It's about the comforts; your stuff; your stories; the connections you make and the memories you create together. every meal, every party, every celebration; every holiday, and every simple Sunday
afternoon leaves its impression, making your home a repository for every experience of a life well-lived.
Posted 13 Mar 2021 20:51