Irina Binti Z

Group 16


As our group's live project progresses, our blog will introduce the topic of homelessness through a series of posters for increased awareness and understanding on the issue. Who are the homeless? What is it and what causes it? Who are at risk of homelessness and is it preventable?

Homelessness is an issue faced by many urban societies globally and one that is very apparent in Manchester. Homelessness is lacking stable and appropriate housing and are categorized into many different types. Even though the legal definition of homelessness varies from country to country, people who are homeless are typically unable to maintain and acquire regular, secure and safe housing due to poverty and an inconsistent income. It is important to understand that homelessness can and should be ended. While this does not mean no one will ever lose their home again in the future, but that everyone facing has access to the help they need. Thankfully, working in the construction and built environment industry allows one to do be able to do their part in tackling homelessness.
Posted 26 Mar 2021 16:36
The MSA Live 21 officially begins tomorrow!

It is vital to understand the effects of homelessness on individuals, communities and on the tax-payer. Because it is a problem affecting the public especially in large urban areas, public attitude towards homelessness should be informed and avoids negative stereotyping. It is crucial to understand several myths about homelessness and how these stereotypes can be avoided. Ultimately there has to be a public understanding that homelessness can be ended.
Posted 9 May 2021 16:17