George Edward W

Group 33

"Phi reflects their design philosophy with ‘smart’ architecture, sustainable and environmentally responsible design, combined with the application of Phi Φ, the golden section, to create beautiful proportions in design. Phi is committed to cost efficient design and construction culminating in highly energy efficient solutions.

Phi Architects are a team of Architects and Passivhaus Designers whose expertise is in the design and delivery of low energy houses and housing. We have also worked as consultants for other architects and designers, supporting them in their efforts to achieve low energy housing and helping them to meet the Passivhaus standard."

Sara and Jeremy will be joining us to discuss all things Passivhaus, including how to become a Passivhaus architect and a selection of their current projects, including 'The Chapel, New Mills' - the re-use of a dilapidated Methodist church into a workspace, studio and residential building.
Posted 12 May 2021 14:54