Jordon Michael W

Group 18

Hi guys! My name is Jordon, I’m 22. I grew up in York and graduated from Sheffield Hallam University. I am in praxxis atelier as I have a passion for inclusive design for everyone.

If I wasn’t studying architecture, I would have either have been a teacher or a pilot.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 16:20
Hi All!

We are pleased to announce that the first instalment of our Guest Lectures will be Erect Architecture!

Erect Architects are an award-winning practice based in London, they engage with a large number of collaborators designing with and for people. They create playful spaces that incorporate topography and natural features into playscapes.
Posted 9 May 2021 20:14
Hi All!

For the second instalment of our Guest Lectures, we are pleased to introduce CAUKIN Studio!

CAUKIN Studio is a progressive design firm that creates impact through architecture. They have travelled the world for humanitarian projects, adopting an ethos that everyone should have access to better designed and built spaces.
Posted 9 May 2021 20:16
Hi All!

For our third and final instalment of our Guest Lectures, we are please to introduce Matt + Fiona!

Matt + Fiona are a design-based practice, with a clear pathway Briefing, Design and Fabrication – with children and young people at the heart of all projects. They want to question young people’s view on their built environment with the hope of improving it and inspiring vision in their life.
Posted 9 May 2021 20:16
Hi All!

Today we had an amazing guest lecture delivered by Erect Architecture! They gave a detailed and thorough explanation of their project Play Holland Park which you can find below!

The talk was enaging and interesting to see how they created playscapes for children, using topography and natural materials. They also offereed some great insight into the safety of construction for children and inclusivity of spaces.

We want to personnal thank them for delivering a fantastic talk to us today!
Posted 10 May 2021 18:34
Hi All,

Tomorrow we are going to be putting on a Model Making Workshop using everyday materials found around the house. These will be quick fire sketch models to create forms from our initial ideas that we have been working on.

Stay tuned for more information!
Posted 12 May 2021 20:02
Hi All!

Today we had an amazing model making workshop where we learnt how to quickly model our ideas into concept forms that will aid us to develop the design further.

Here's a look at some of our amazing models!
Posted 13 May 2021 19:45
Hi All!

Alongside our sketch models today we developed them further through annotation which gives the models a sense of scale and dimension.

You can start to see how these creative pods are going to come together to form individual ones, as well as, one huge one!
Posted 13 May 2021 19:46
Hi All,

Today we welcomed Matt + Fiona to speak to us, they delivered a brilliant lecture about their ethos as a practice and the projects they run.

Their practice aims to make a positive impact within society through community led projects that inspire people of all ages. Their projects give the community a sense of ownership and belonging. Here is a link to one of our favourites:

We would just like to personally thank Matt + Fiona for making the time to speak to us and we would like to wish them all the best in their future projects.
Posted 15 May 2021 13:03