Meet The Client!

Hopton Hopefuls are a group of older social housing tenants who live in Hopton Court tower block and are affiliated to the Greater Manchester Savers network.

Hopton Hopefuls came together because they needed change in their community. The gentrification of Hulme and the expanding city centre along mass increase in student accommodation have left older Hulme residents without access to social spaces. This has increased isolation which has impacted on residents physical and mental health. Services in the Hulme area like GPs and dentists, are stretched with the student influx. Most of the residents have lived in Hulme for many years and despite all of this they wish to stay. Hulme has always been a mix of cultures and communities: it is creative political, change-making and its always felt inclusive, until now. They feel forgotten as their neighbours are forced into care homes away from family and friends as there is no supported accommodation for older people in the area.

Hopton Hopefuls and GM Savers are trying to develop something called a ‘Naturally Occurring Retirement Community’ this would include a suitable community space being developed.
Posted 12 Mar 2021 14:37