Meet the team: Adam

Location: Manchester, UK
MArch Year 5
BArch: Portsmouth University
Atelier: Continuity in Architecture

About Me: Post graduation, I completed my Part 1 at a small firm in Oxfordshire called Anderson Orr Architects. Helping to design and develop a variety projects from super car showrooms to lavish homes, I experienced a lot of what architecture has to deliver! Throughout my studies, I have always aimed my interests at creating multi-purpose housing schemes that are deemed successful by all walks of life. We've had a lot of discussions about what we would have found exciting and useful as undergraduates ourselves and so we're looking forward to offering a huge amount of freedom and space to see how BA students can express themselves. We also can't wait to see how the MLA students utilise he large site to bring out their flare and tie the whole masterplan together!
Posted 2 Mar 2021 23:07
Collaborator: Plot-Twist will be working in live collaboration with Kieran Thompson from Bradford Civic Society. Since 1942, the organisation has championed Bradford’s heritage and built environment, with the mission to inspire Bradfordians to love where they live. They are striving to win the 2025 bid for City of Culture and the collaborative vision for Forster Square ties in perfectly with these values. Find out more about Bradford Civic Society and the work they do at:
Twitter & Instagram @Bradfordcivic
Posted 3 Mar 2021 00:04