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Group 11

We are thrilled to announce Tom Bloxham MBE, chairman and founder of award-winning regeneration company Urban Splash, will be presenting at MSA Live 2021.

Topic: An Introduction to Urban Splash - Tom Bloxham
Time: May 11, 2021 10:00 AM London

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Urban Splash have had a crucial role in the development of Manchester City Centre from its days of ‘Madchester’ into the globally renowned Northern Powerhouse it is today.

Tom will be presenting an insightful background to Urban Splash and proposing the Blueline project - the strategic opening up and urban design of the River Irwell - which has the potential to reimagine Manchester City Centre as we know it. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about one of the UK’s most innovative and pioneering urbanism practices and to gain unique insight into masterplanning the Blueline.

See you there!
Posted 9 May 2021 17:04
Today we have had the opportunity to hear from Tom Bloxham MBE, chairperson and co-founder of award-winning regeneration company
Urban Splash. Tom started off with introducing the background of the company and their values and insights in place-making and moved on to introduce the Manchester Blue Line Project - the opening up of the Irwell River and the reimagining of Manchester city center. It was an inspiring talk which not only introduced students to the company's projects but also
motivated students to be bold and creative in doing whatever they wanted to do. There were endless possibilities and as Tom puts it - "Everything is possible."
Posted 11 May 2021 15:38
It's Presentation Day!

Today we are delighted to have Tom Bloxham, Oliver Clarke from Urban Splash, Louise Wyman from Manchester City Council and Edward Fox from MSA joining us in our presentation on the work and ideas we
developed for the Blueline during this intensive two-weeks. We are glad to have received some very positive feedbacks and valuable suggestions from our guests. It was an insightful conversation. Good work everyone!
Posted 20 May 2021 18:09