Jaskarran S

Group 03

The project will aim to focus on spatial design of circus workshops. We aim to get involved with a variety of skills and activities to allow students the choice to pursue their interests. All abilities are welcome and we hope to collaborate together and learn new things!

All aspects such as modelling, sketching and collaging can be done either digitally or physically depending on your preference and access to software/equipment.

Spatial Design: A key output of the project is to design a series of covid safe workshops across three sites in Manchester.

Illustrations : Graphics and collages will be used to present and discuss ideas. We will look to explore and develop a variety of design skills during this process.

Physical Model making: Model boxes will form the basis to finalise our designs for the client. Each group will have the freedom to use whatever materials they have at hand or any that they would like to practice.

CAD Modelling : As well as physical modelling, CAD modelling will be used to develop model boxes. Through this we will look to develop software skills for students through a variety of software.

Circus Workshops : We will be working closely with The Circus House in Manchester who are giving us the opportunity to get involved with their circus workshops inc. juggling, trapeze, unicycle etc.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 16:41
Week 1: Outlined Schedule

Introduction Presentation (Monday) - Icebreakers + Brief Introduction

Photoshop Workshop (Tuesday) - Digital Skills + Abstract Movements Research

Ergonomic Design Task (Wednesday) - Ergonomic Research + Design Task

Ergonomic Design Task (Thursday) - Ergonomic Research + Design Task

Indesign Workshop (Friday) - Digital Skills + Compilation of Work

Posted 9 May 2021 11:53