In this project, we are focusing on visually communicating and broadcasting the goals, motivations and projects from WOAH + GMHAN. We are producing a website as the primary output, as such, our skills are related to those needed in building a successful website.
Posted 27 Feb 2021 15:33

Hi, we are a team of six 5th students at the Manchester School of Architecture. We are working in collaboration with Without a Home (WOAH) and the Greater Manchester Homeless Action Network (GMHAN) to bring you this years MSA Live project 16!

Chen Qi
Atelier : &rchitecture
BArch : University of the West of England
Worked at : BUJU Architects
Skill : Graphics design, Web Design
Interested in : Having worked in the past as a web design and graphics design, I am passionate in exploring differnt ways to communicate and present architectural and social issues / solutions.

Daniel Ford
Atelier: PRAXXIS
BArch: Univeristy for the Creative Arts
Worked at: YN Studio, Spencer Fung Architects, MichaelisBoyd
Skills: Graphic design, architectural representation
Interested in: Having worked in a variety of practices during my time out, I have developed an interest in the social impact of architecture and inclusive approaches to design.

Helena Krekel
Atelier: Infra.Space
BArch: TUM Technical University of Munich, Germany
Worked at: Vogel + Partner Architects
Skills: Communication, Organisation
Interested in: architecture and art history, sustainable design and especially timber construction

Irina Zahidi
Atelier : CiA
BArch : Manchester School of Architecture
Worked at : Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad
Skill : Revit, Sketchup, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator
Interested in : I am interested in how Architecture impacts communities and drive social changes. I am also keen on learning how to best represent architectural ideas in clear, concise graphics.

Jianyu Wang
Atelier : &rchitecture
BArch : School of Design ,Jiangnan University
Worked at : Syncform Architects, Huashi Co.,Ltd
Skill : Graphics design, Strategy Design
Interested in : I like design driven as the starting point of design. I am very interested in the relationship between vision and architecture, and the relationship between architecture and new technology

Shrida Venkatesh
Atelier: CPU
BArch: SAP, Anna University
Experience: Architecture and Interior design internships at Indian firms.
Skill: AutoCAD, SketchUp and Illustrator
Interested in: I am interested in creating collage renders and making artistic presentations using a combination of digital modelling softwares.

Posted 1 Mar 2021 16:58

With the advent of the internet, social media, and smart phones, we are ever more connected to each other. During the two week project, a primary focus will be about exploring how we can take advantage of these technology to facilitate the exchange of ideas. With the goal of creating a web presence for WOAH and GMHAN, we will be designing and building a website from scratch. Not only will you benefit from the experience of the project itself, but it should also help you in your future projects, your potential career paths, and in creating your personal online portfolio.
Posted 20 Mar 2021 19:07
To design a successful website, we need to consider the experience of the user while browsing the website, and understand what types of content we seek to communicate. A successful website should be self explanatory with intuitive layouts and navigation. In our project, we will study successful website designs to understand the best way to achieve this. We will be using a web builder to streamline the process of creating the website, allowing us to focus on design and content, rather than the technical aspects of website creation. We look forward to starting the project with everyone tomorrow, and hope to achieve a great end product.
Posted 9 May 2021 22:58