Hi there, this is Lian from Atelier USE. In terms of architecture, I'm good at Hand-drawing, PS and Sketch Up. I worked in China for 3 years in China Coal Technology Engineering Group Chongqing Design Institute.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 16:25
On the first day of the task, each student was asked to follow the Tetley space, choose an identity, and create a story that told the exhibition and experience associated with the Ground Floor of Tetley. The students used different ways to express their creations.

Day One Task: Story Creation-Experience in the Tetley

Family (Story written by Daria-Ioana Teodorescu)
From the very beginning,right after entering the Tetley, you are introduced to a small part of the building s history,through the memorial located on the right side of the building and also through the architectural style of the elevator and the stairs which remained intact through all these years.The whole place conveys the atmosphere which is preserved until this day- authentic,artistic and,at the same time,cooperative.The place contains spaces that can create connections between people,can make them more involved and engaged in the process.The restaurant,bar and terrace located on the ground floor near the reception area and lobby, represent spaces where people can relax,disconnect from their daily lives and enjoy the beautiful historical environment that surrounds them.Also,the open terrace offers visitors the chance to take a breath of fresh air and connect with the external surroundings.In the middle of the ground floor area,there is the athrium-an open space part of the building at the top of which there are placed windows,which allows the natural light to come in during the day and bright up the space,also contribuing to the atmosphere and the vibe of the internal environment.The athrium area continues with the next three floors,on which exhibitions containing modern art are located.Those spaces have the purpose of educating people about the gallery s activity and also introduce this beautiful way of expressing themselves-through art.The vintage internal environment kept until this day within the building educates young people to preserve the beautiful heritage left by their ancestors and encourages them to do the same.The building itself is a historical treasure for the community and, at the same time, a place that has the ability to establish a powerful connection with each person that steps inside.

Children (Story written by Cheng Peng)
Walking in the Tetley is an interesting experience. The space here is Tetley allows me to explore and wondering around, where I pass by many interesting modern art installations. The open kitchen in the restaurant provided a chance for parents and children to cook and enjoy their food together. It was lucky to have suitable chairs and desks for my size in the restaurant, so I won’t have to site on my parents’ knees and waiting to be feed. There are some rides provided for kids in the corner of the lobby. While waiting for my parents who enjoy art shows upstairs, I stayed in the area and play with the rides. I come across some new friends who also stay there.

Artist (Story written by Lewis Burford)
My time at the Tetley is spent engaging the public with any subject through any medium. The space allows for the translation of the intangible into tangible form, acting as a canvas for my work, a stage upon which stories can be told. It is not an empty space, but a flexible one, one whose qualities can and will be transformed at will, to create any kind of space as required, whether varying by form, light, or colour.

Elderly (Story written by Iva Velichkova)
Out again, on another adventure to the Tetley. An ever-changing familiar place. When approaching, it is as if not much has changed from what I recall in my early days. The history of the place still written on the front door and my attention immediately grabbed, yet again, by the details on the elevator and the staircase.
Passing through my memories and the ground floor foyer I go up into the unknown spaces. Unknown, simply because of the constantly renewed reality of the same upper floors. There, in every visit of mine, I find myself in a different actuality of new art. I would compare it to going on an adventure, not knowing what I will find. Perhaps something peculiar?
After my occasional adventures on the upper floors of the Tetley, I always go back to the ground, where I immerse myself in the warm atmosphere, the restaurant, or even the bar. That is where I conclude almost all of my Tetley walks, in the comforting past and the fresh air of the present outside.

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In the first day we organized a game called ice breaking game - Kahoot! The game is about some important information relating to Tetley. Everyone had a very good performance! This is our honorable ranking! Cheers!
Posted 12 May 2021 12:41
Day 3 Task: Concept Spatial Design for Tetley
The students designed a more suitable space for the elder people to stay, relax and communicate, while also making the spatial accessibility within the Tetley more comfortable for the elderly. Here are the sketches and renderings that the students designed.
Posted 13 May 2021 11:17
Day 4 Task:
In the fourth day of the task, the students were required, working in small groups, to integrate the stories created and the initial space design, and then to develop the specific space design of Tetley. The group 2 replanned the ground floor plan and extended the design to the outside, extending the space layout outwardly. Here are the results of the students.
Posted 14 May 2021 12:53
Day 5 Task:
On the fifth day the students were asked to further develop the design of the Tetley space based on their own design ideas of the previous days. The students in Group 1 designed the roof greenery, expanded the outdoor green space and created some sensory gardens incorporating the landscape, while replanning the interior Spaces of the Tetley.
Posted 15 May 2021 16:27
DAY 6 Task:
Well development!
Group 1 made a good progress today by adding a sensory garden to The Tetley and reorganizing existing plan, designing a roof activity space in order to create a more flexible and diverse area to The Tetley.
Here is their achievement for today's session.
Posted 18 May 2021 12:15