March Atelier: Continuity in Architecture

From: China

BA: Shandong University Of Science And Technology

Interests: Basketball/hiking

Skills:  Revit / Illustrator / Photoshop

About: When I got my master’s degree in China, I came to MSA to study for a master’s degree in architecture. In fact, during my undergraduate period, I had interned in different architect firms and participated in some old building renovation projects, but in Manchester it was a Very good opportunity to experience local culture and learn about local architecture. Because I have always been very interested in architectural heritage, and I am willing to visit and study a building in this area, such as a church, a monastery, etc. I believe that this type of building has a profound impact on culture.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 19:10
This whole project is focused around bring social value to the st. Johns Baptist church and wider community of Rochdale. Set in an incredibly diverse area, the Rochdale Revival project's aim is to design and propose an architectural integration that engages, welcomes and up-lift anyone who live in or is connected to the local area.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 19:13