Lukas Gedeikis
MArch Year 5
Atelier: Advanced Practice

BA Architecture at MSA also in the Advanced practise atelier

Current focusing on the relationship between architecture and the digital realm. If you would like to view some of my previous work check out

Posted 1 Mar 2021 23:12

Visual Communication.
Students will be tasked to prepare a booklet which will aim to introduce teenagers to the field of architecture. This will require the exercise of visual communication to capture the students interests and engage in the subject.

Digital Software.
There will be an opportunity to learn/develop digital skills with the use of software such as Indesign, illustrator, photoshop, Rhino and Autocad. As students create modelling kits and mini projects.

The opportunity to practice presentation skills will also be practiced as students will aim to engage teenagers with the possibility of higher education through online platforms such as Zoom.

Model Making.
Students will also be testing and developing modelling kits choosing the materials whilst also creating examples to show how designs can be tested through the process modelling.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 00:44