Meet the team!
Elliot Flynn

Hey, I’m Elliot. I’m a 5th year student at Manchester School of Architecture – where I also studied for my BA. I’m currently in USE, designing with a focus on the stories that buildings tell during their lifetime – investigating in particular how architects can design with respect for a building’s past, and do so sustainably. I love drawing and have worked as illustrator for several small publications; I feel the utility of hand-drawing is unparalleled in the industry and I can’t wait to share this idea with a wider network of students.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 20:46
As part of Sketchy Business, we’ll be engaging in activities centred around international networking through sketching. From time-constrained drawing exercises to help loosen our individual styles (physically or digitally in illustration software), to the curation of an online exhibition & live workshops with involvement from industry collaborators (using the Adobe Suite & Livestreaming platforms), this project is for those who love to draw at every opportunity. Photography and digital networking skills will also be developed throughout the project. Anyone who wants to learn more about the power of illustration as a powerful means of communication within the architectural industry is more than welcome here!
Posted 1 Mar 2021 22:08