Meet the Team!

Ryan Dunkley
MArch Year 5
Atelier: Advanced Practice
BA Architecture

Since commencing the course back in 2017 I have always been fond of the application of natural elements within a building. We as architects need to take a more conscious approach when designing to provide public space and reclaim land which has been neglected and underappreciated. Reclaiming public space should be on everyone's agenda.

I consider myself to be energetic and amicable with skills ranging from digital software to drawing and model making. I hope to pass on my knowledge that I have acquired over the three years of being at the MSA. I hope to be an effective team member taking up an advisory role to assist in curating the best possible experience for both parties.

Posted 1 Mar 2021 22:59
Manchester Health Academy is a secondary school located in Wythenshawe. Their aim is to provide their students with the knowledge and skills they need to reach ‘high aspirations'. They have strong connections with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust as well as Manchester City Council, comprised of a diverse community of students, the school is at the forefront of secondary school education, which endorses a wide range of important curriculum to choose from.

We plan to enrich the young adult's approach to courses which they would not be familiar with, specifically design-related. Carving a new and exciting path for students to take whilst their aspirations continue to expand and develop.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 00:34
It was wonderful to meet up with one of our collaborators to discuss the layout of our session plan, as well as the list of items that will be necessary for the MHA students to get involved in our daily tasks.

Expect to see more blog posts on a day-to-day basis as we begin to work through these next two weeks.
Posted 10 May 2021 01:52
It's brainstorming time!
Each group was given the task of coming up with fun and exciting ideas for the students at the MHA to enjoy. We then concluded with a feedback session on how to proceed with each of our ideas.

We're looking forward to developing these activities into engaging and easy to use tasklets for the members to use during our time with the school.
Posted 10 May 2021 21:48
Today was a chance for us to develop our ideas for the tasklets in our individual groups, doing mock-ups of models and showing our team members some of the software skills they will need to complete the task.

Tomorrow will be our final day to finalise our tasks for the MHA students.
Looking forward to seeing the results!

Posted 11 May 2021 20:16
Today we tested the task we are creating, the model-making team focused on testing the nets that were designed by the group.
Posted 12 May 2021 16:37
Here is the finished result, look forward to seeing how these models will develop once stacked combing multiple students' designs leading to the creation of a highrise.
Posted 12 May 2021 16:38
This morning's session Introduced the BA students to Rhinoceros; a 3D modelling software that we will be using in the upcoming week. In it, we went through the basics of the software which they can use during their academic course.
Posted 13 May 2021 17:32
Session time! our drawing group members took part in the activity that would become the framework for our tutorial video. Expect to see more from our other groups and their activities.
Posted 13 May 2021 20:31
This morning we carried out an AutoCAD tutorial for the BA students to help assist them in their architectural journey through the course.

Meanwhile, each group has been working hard to produce a video to be presented to the MHA students!
Posted 14 May 2021 22:47
Today we focused on showing the BA students the benefits of learning structure and structure within the course.

As for the other groups, they were tasked with creating their task outputs. Here you can see the internal environments group creating a series of atmospheric vignettes.

Posted 17 May 2021 20:09
Today the model-making group transition to 3D model making. Focusing on creating the 3d model of a highrise, which would show students how work develops from a physical model to a digital model leading towards the final outputs.

Stay tuned to see how this work progresses over the coming week!
Posted 17 May 2021 20:15
Today we were given an interesting tutorial about the use of rendering and photoshop to show atmosphere within a space. Here we see the use of VRay to demonstrate the kinds of lighting quality you can achieve.

Additionally, we were given the task of creating our own spaces to see how we would represent our own version of the same template.
Posted 18 May 2021 17:35
Yesterday we spent the time focusing on finishing our final outputs for the publication whilst teaching the BA cohort some more tips and tricks about using the various software.

Today was a chance for us to select a group of 4 to present a quick presentation that focused on the different routes into university whilst giving our own personal accounts of the experience.

We look forward to closing this two-week project on a high! And we can't thank our team members enough for their continued engagement and support for our cause.
Posted 20 May 2021 17:02
Today the modeling group focused on using twin-motion to produce baseline renders, used Photoshop to edit and layout work, creating a presentation board. This board will be used to show 10-15-year-olds to show them how work can develop from a physical model to final render, sections, and floor plans.
Posted 20 May 2021 22:10
Today we finished our video tutorial aimed to engage the high school students about architecture with a specific focus on model making. Visit our youtube channel to view the video! Just by scanning the QR code on the poster

The link to it is also available here:
Posted 21 May 2021 11:45
Come check out our latest youtube video of the drawing group demonstrating how to use the task sheet in a fun zoom call! Just scan the QR code that is available on the poster!

The link to the video will also be available here:
Posted 21 May 2021 12:19
Come check our guide on how to explore light and shadow through our lighting study task!

The link to the video will also be available here:
Posted 21 May 2021 12:23
A big Thank you to every one of our team members that took part in our two-week project!

We couldn't have managed without your continued engagement and enthusiasm throughout the whole process. And with that concludes our project. We hope that everyone enjoyed seeing our progress!
Posted 22 May 2021 10:24