Meet our Team- Laura Bucknall

Education & Experience:
BA- Oxford Brookes University
Work Experience- PRP Architects, Summers 2015-2017
Part 1 Placement- BPTW, Greenwich 2018-2019
March- MSA

Skills & Interests:
Watercolour Painting and Oil Painting, Rhino and visualisation, Photoshop, Indesign.
I am interested in deigning at a human scale, creating moments in a buildings journey that are immersed in and inspired by nature. All my university projects seem to have had concepts that surround water and nature. I'm excited to see where this event takes these concepts and ideas.

Snowboarding, travelling, painting, going to festivals and testing all the pub gardens in my area.

Ideas about parks:
Parks have become far more valuable than ever before. I think the idea of a park is to allow anyone from any culture, age, disability and location to experience the euphoria that is a clean, beautiful, safe outdoor environment.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 13:21
As we fast approach events week, we are very excited to introduce Artist Pandora Layton, who has kindly agreed to come and give us a talk about abstract art and her works to date. Pandora qualified from Cambridge in 2016 with BA (Hons) in History, whilst there she founded the college’s Fine Art Society and became its first President! Pandora also acted as an illustrator for the university student magazine and was commissioned to paint two large works there. After working as an illustrator in London, Pandora perused a Master of Arts degree in painting from University of Arts London, before completing a Master of Research degree in Fine Art and the Royal College of Art. She is now based in London and Norfolk and is having success after success, having recently been featured in this months copy of KL Magazine, Norfolk. We are so excited to hear what she has to say, and hope you are too!

For more of Pandora's work please see her website and Instagram below:
Posted 9 May 2021 15:09
Day 5 also saw the whole team meeting with our collaborator LEAF. We were introduced to some examples of research they have conducted, as well as their previous collaborations and hopes for this one.

We then presented the abstractions we have conducted so far and a template of our final document.

We received some good constructive feedback that has been implemented going forwards. This interaction with our collaborator after a week of work has allowed them to respond to our work in progress, hopefully creating a more positive and successful collaboration.
Posted 18 May 2021 12:01