Meet our Team- Laura Bucknall

Education & Experience:
BA- Oxford Brookes University
Work Experience- PRP Architects, Summers 2015-2017
Part 1 Placement- BPTW, Greenwich 2018-2019
March- MSA

Skills & Interests:
Watercolour Painting and Oil Painting, Rhino and visualisation, Photoshop, Indesign.
I am interested in deigning at a human scale, creating moments in a buildings journey that are immersed in and inspired by nature. All my university projects seem to have had concepts that surround water and nature. I'm excited to see where this event takes these concepts and ideas.

Snowboarding, travelling, painting, going to festivals and testing all the pub gardens in my area.

Ideas about parks:
Parks have become far more valuable than ever before. I think the idea of a park is to allow anyone from any culture, age, disability and location to experience the euphoria that is a clean, beautiful, safe outdoor environment.
Posted 2 Mar 2021 13:21