Christian Anthony Cunha B

Group 05

Meet our external collaborators – the fantastic Manchester City Council!

modulARCH will be collaborating with Manchester City Council who are considering future-proof modular housing options for upcoming residential development.

Working closely with Carol Western (Project Manager) and Emily Colgan (Project Assistant), this project aims to explore flexible affordable housing options taking advantage of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) through panellised and volumetric design.

Taking advice from the Planning and Building Control Departments, the goal of this project is to consider different concept modular options within budget alongside a materiality matrix, lifecycle data, high levels of energy efficiency and carbon ratings.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 18:40
We will be using software such as the adobe suite, in particular developing skills working with Photoshop and InDesign to edit and layout our work. In addition, we will also be using modelling softwares such as SketchUp and Revit paired with the skill of physical model-making to give us a greater appreciation for the architectural spaces we are creating. These programmes will be partnered with rendering softwares such as Enscape and Lumion, to create photorealistic imagery which is an critical skill for future study and work.

As we are participating in a team, communication will be one of the most important skills for our project. We intend to develop this skill by regular online meetings and catchups, utilising a variety of social media such as Microsoft teams, Zoom, Facebook and Instagram.

The skill of professionalism will be developed through hosting conferences with external collaborators and monitoring the attendance and punctuality of members.

Finally, we intend to develop each members creativity through fun and interactive activities, challenging existing skills to develop new ones which will have a practical use for their future career in Architecture.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 18:40
Modularch aims to provide solutions using modern construction methods which will have a lasting social impact on the community. Sustainable solutions will reduce energy thus, contributing towards a net-zero carbon city. New construction will create new jobs thereby, improving the employment in the local area. Affordable housing developments will ensure more housing for people in need.
Posted 1 Mar 2021 18:42
After some insightful talks from Michael Swiszczowski of Chapman Taylor and Philip Watson of HLM Architects, it was apparent that there were some hurdles when it comes to implementing modular construction. Both highlighted the issues that come with public perception, initial capital and building control. As a team, we hope that we can jump these hurdles and show the effectiveness of modular construction through our proposals!
Posted 12 May 2021 11:15
Today some of the students have been experimenting with the form of residential housing using a 5m x 5m structural grid. Some of the experimentations done involve stepped housing, more traditional housing and a cluster typology. After discussing the pros and cons of the ideas with specific focus on natural daylighting, privacy, amenity and accessibility we’re looking forward as a group to progressing with the design!
Posted 13 May 2021 21:56