Taha K A Abdelmajied A

Group 23

Hi all, I am Taha Aldibani, currently a 5th year student at MSA. I had previously completed my BA at the University of Salford and I love what I do with passion. I am part of the space invaders team and USE atelier.

I enjoy sketching, photography and making a positive impact on people.

I look forward to meeting you all...
Posted 1 Mar 2021 20:53
Public consultation for the Nelson town redevelopment was conducted by the external partners and the space invaders summarised it to aid in the initial assessment of the project.
Posted 12 Apr 2021 12:08
A great kickstart to MSA live21 events with initial discussions with the external partners to go through our session plan and future design ideas for the town of Nelson.
Posted 4 May 2021 16:37
Group 1 have been continuing their development for their ideas and had shown a great understanding of the brief and site. they are currently at the stage of preparing for a finalised proposal.
Posted 16 May 2021 21:34
Group 2 have shown amazing concept ideas and developed a cohesive understanding to their site and brief. They have critically analysed and identified their key attributes and aims, which clearly conveyed their design solution to the dissected town of Nelson.
Posted 16 May 2021 21:37
Group 3 have been developing their design ideas and shown amazing progression in terms of the ideas and solution to the problems they have identified. They are currently at the stage of finalising the concept approach and design idea of connecting Nelson through music.
Posted 16 May 2021 21:39
Great weak of presentations, group 1 have presented well their finalised design idea and had been communicating their concept with clarity and great understanding to the brief and site.
Their aim is to connect the different age groups that are currently in Nelson and enhance the community engagement.
Posted 16 May 2021 21:46
Superb presentation from group 2 and a substantial engagement with the surrounding issues in the town of Nelson has been clearly shown and critically developed in their proposal. Their aim is to target skateboarders as well as, other segments of the community through an interactive structure.
Posted 16 May 2021 21:51
Excellent proposal and presentation from group 3. They had shown a great understanding of the brief and developed a cohesive concept, which aims to connect the dissected community by placing Karaoke pods around the town of Nelson.
Posted 16 May 2021 21:54
A great way to end our first week in MSA LIVE 21 with initial concept presentations from the team to our external partners and guests from the community as well as residents of Nelson.
Amazing work has been achieved and feedback was very constructive to students and the whole team.
Posted 16 May 2021 22:22
It was great having Claudio and Ola for a short insight on some of their projects and architectural techniques, followed by students presentations, which had demonstrated amazing work and critical interventions to their allocated sites. Overall, the feedback was constructive and helpful to the whole team.

Posted 19 May 2021 10:30
Group 1 have continued presenting their amazing work as usual and developed a creative narrative to their proposal. They are currently moving towards their final steps of finalising the design and have had benefited immensely from the guest lectures feedback.
Posted 19 May 2021 10:40
As we approach our final days in MSALIVE, group 2 have been quite responsive and great problem solvers to their technical design issues and developed a strong narrative. Their presentations had shown a great insight of the site, they are dealing with and demonstrated a great understanding of architectural knowledge.
Posted 19 May 2021 10:43
Great kick start of the day with the team, really impeccable work was shown and further design ideas have been discussed as groups and individually, to go over any missing details of each project. The overall input from the groups and the team have exceeded expectations and the level of thought and architectural interventions were thoroughly communicated through a series of sketches, 3D drawings and conceptual models. In general, the work was compelling and brilliantly developed.

On to the last few more days !!!
Posted 19 May 2021 14:24
Final presentations from the team was attended by our external partners (IN-SITU) and Pendle borough council. The final outcome was extremely immaculate, and students have performed brilliantly.
These have achieved the satisfaction of our external partners, as well as, the final feedback has been very informative and fed well into the final amendments of each project.
Posted 20 May 2021 21:13
Group 1, Our final day of reviewing the work, has been really good and the students have managed to deliver the work on time according to the requirements of the external partners and guests from the Pendle borough council.
The final feedback from our guests has been very insightful and constructive and the overall work has exceeded the norm of expectations.
Posted 20 May 2021 21:13
Our final presentation has been going perfectly and Group 2 have developed an exquisite final proposal, which had gained the satisfaction of the whole guests, including the external partners.
The students showed persistency and consistency in their final approach and provided all of the deliverables on time, with great graphics and response to the rising issues of Nelson
Posted 20 May 2021 21:14
Group 3, have had a great presentation and showed reasonable understanding to the current on going problem of Nelson. They have developed a final design narrative, which was clearly shown in their process from inception to completion.
External partners and guests from Pendle borough council have all been mesmerised with the overall outcome of the groups and the energy of input as well as, the attention to detail that had been carried in all projects.
Posted 20 May 2021 21:15