Rasaq Ayomide Y

Group 23

Proposal drawings are getting more sophisticated!
Day 04- Digital Modelling and Master Planning.

Day 04 began with the groups concluding on each of the two design ideas to be presented as proposals to the collaborators. Minor changes were made in regard to fire safety, security, space flow and accessibility across both groups. The groups compared the ideas as group members switched spaces, so each idea could be viewed from different perspectives. With final conclusions made on the proposal ideas, each group was divided into smaller subgroups to produce various design outputs including sketches, plan drafts and digital models. This was a great step toward creating a proposal document that can be easily understood by the collaborators as mere sketches would not properly communicate the ideas. the digital modelling helped the team properly identify the sizes of spaces. The development of two proposals was concluded to provide the collaborators with options to choose from and ensure they are satisfied as the project progresses.
Posted 19 May 2022 22:26
Day 08- setting up the final proposal document!

This was a continuation of day 7 with the first group working on completing the design of the master plan and the other group setting up the pages for precedents and site analysis. The group working on the design documents reviewed the design to make final changes in preparation for making final drafts while the group working on the client bio, precedents and site analysis moved towards completing their pages for the final collation for the youth co-op design document.

Before ending the day, we decided to allocate the team members into smaller groups to create final drafts for the proposal drawings.

Posted 25 May 2022 22:25