Amizatul Shayidah Binti MF

Group 34

MEET THE TEAM // Amizatul

Atelier: Some Kind of Nature
Part 1 education: Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia ​
Part 1 work experience: Z&SR Architectural Ventures, Malaysia and Urban Scale Architect, Malaysia.

Hello everyone! I am a passionate architecture student who loves volunteer work and enjoyed club activities. During my spare time, I played table tennis with my friends.

UpCycle Station South CIC piques my interest because it incorporates all of the community projects, and having a repurposed train station transformed into a bike café is unique! It will also educate us on how to collaborate with clients and work as a team. Plus, this project will be completed shortly, and we will be able to visit this location frequently in the next years to watch how it is progressing! What more could I ask for than to see people appreciating our work?​

Posted 14 Mar 2022 18:43