Charlotte K

Group 23

Taking it to the final design!

Day 06 - Finalising our design and building our document. !

Day 06 started with a client meeting with Debi and her team, in which we discussed their feedback to Friday’s design proposals. This helped to clarify and confirm changes including defining which spaces are public and private, and the addition of some spaces such as a medical room. Additionally, we were able to finalise the different types of units and their exact dimensions so we could adapt and solidify our design into a final masterplan. Debi shared how valuable it was to be asked what matters to them in design and for a project to be built from their experiences, which is wonderful for our group to be a part of.

Following this our group split into two teams, one focusing on masterplan changes digitally, and narrowing down into details. Our other group worked on site analysis drawings, text for the bio and precedent pages to put into our design document for Youth house co-op.

Our next steps are to further develop our design document, and finish our digital plans, so we are ready to build a 3D digital model of our proposal.
Posted 23 May 2022 17:26
Final Presentation!

We were finally able to present our bio and design proposal to Debi and the Youth House Co-op (YHC) team. It was wonderful to see our group's work come together into a 30 page pre-planning style document for the YHC to build on in the future, and help them to develop their company information and story. The final proposal was met with tears of joy, which made us all feel like the hard work was really worth it to receive such an amazing reaction.

Debi responded to the presentation, saying:

‘Everything in that building you can trace back to us, and the reasons we want and need this project’.

She shared how valuable it was to have a project built from their experiences, and to feel heard and understood. For all of us, we are very proud of this project and the final outcome, and the important contribution it has made to Debi and the YHC team.
Posted 27 May 2022 18:55