Welcome to Neighbourhood Swatch, Group 21 collaborating with the Chorlton Traders Association. We are looking forward to meeting you all on Monday. Keep an eye out for more posts with information about the project, timings and equipment. If you have any questions please feel free to email any of the March 1 students...
Posted 14 May 2022 19:58
Join our Teams Group! We have sent you a link to join the Neighbourhood Swatch teams collaboration group. This will allow us communicate quickly and efficiently throughout the two week project. Also, we will have students joining by video link throughout the project which will allow us to keep everyone involved as much as possible. Please go to your emails and click on the link to join the group. If you have any issues please email one of the March 1 students.
Posted 14 May 2022 20:03
So you might be wondering… what is a 15-minute neighbourhood?

The key concept of a 15-minute neighbourhood is that residents can access all of their needs within a short walk or cycle from their homes. The concept is built from four pillars;





The aim is to create self-sufficient neighbourhoods that are well connected without relying on car usage.

The result of this will be to make life more livable for residents by making neighbourhoods safer, inclusive, diverse, quiet, less polluted and economically vibrant.

This is just a short introduction to the concept of 15-minute neighbourhoods. Please feel free to read around the subject and we will be researching the concept in more detail at the start of the two week project.
Posted 14 May 2022 20:11